Exciting collaboration developed between the SAINT project and Let's Go Slow bloggers as part of the transnational marketing campaign

SAINT project partners have been busy marketing the slow adventures that have been developed through the project and developing a transnational marketing campaign. The snail logo has been trademarked in EU countries, Norway and Iceland and this will help to promote the slow adventure brand and products. Digital marketing guidelines have been produced for SMEs to use when promoting new slow adventure experiences in all countries.

You can follow our @slowadventuring pages to learn more about the various slow adventures developed in all seven countries.

The SAINT project has also teamed up with slow adventure ambassadors Let's Go Slow. Thea Hermansen and Mark Poulson of Let's Go Slow share a love for slow adventure and inspire others. They have been taking part in slow adventures developed in each country and creating content in the form of photos, videos and blog pieces and have also been involved in Instagram takeovers. You can view the blog pieces on their website here.